Family Adventure {Bulwinkle Family}

A rather relaxing day in historic Charleston with the Bulwinkle Family.

This little one was VERY independent which you will see in the next attempted family portrait.

Thank you Bulwinkle Family for coming out and letting me capture some family memories for you.

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Simple upgrades

Since I have found some time on my hands, I am checking things off my list. Working on my home finally. My room will be a new color soon, inspired by my favorite nail polish. I am also stopping to enjoy some small gifts in life.

I decided to us an old tea tin I bought from goodwill…. it made a perfect vase for flowers. Tea Tin $2.50 (goodwill) + Alstro $3.49 (Publix) = a few weeks of wonderful fresh flowers to enjoy!


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Time off = Productivity!

I am always saying if I had time off, I would get so much done. Well I am taking advantage of lifes lemons and checking things off that list!

Today recover chairs.

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Lynn Family {Baby Boy Miller}

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Oh-So-Adorable Favorite {editing in progress}

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There is Always an Upside

I was informed I was losing my job. I scrambled to secure another job. I realized there is time to stop and have fun and play for a bit. Then the Santa Set needed a manager…. um yes please!

What better way to spend my holiday than with the jolly old Saint Nick, Sinterklaas, Pere Noel, Father Christmas or Santa Clause! Stop by and see him for yourself! Visit Citadel Mall. Happy, Happy, Happy!

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On the Fence

I lost my job, which was shocking, sad, but not devastating. I saw potential out in the big world for me to find my own path. I decided to accept a job during the holiday managing the local mall’s Santa photo Set. I was afraid people would judge me, and wonder why I couldn’t find anything else. Turns out, I have a fantastic support system of people, and they all LOVED the idea just like I did. I never wanted to accept unemployment if I didn’t have to, I believe you should work if you can to contribute to society somehow, in any possible way. So I am helping kids smile with Santa.

My support system of people kept me out and about, and busy with side jobs, and freelance work. I had more work than ever… finally seeing an opportunity to find my own destiny, use my own unique skills.

The next assumed step is to find another “career”, but I am so confused as to what that is. I want to find something that excites me everyday and changes and challenges me constantly. I need to feed the creative part of my soul as well. Do I accept something stable that I can depend on, or do I chase that crazy dream that motivates my soul? Today I am just really exhausted from working, and my mind is sort of on the fence about everything.

I know one thing, at least I have a job to go to today that is fun and will make me laugh. I will think about the bigger picture when the time comes.

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