I would RUN 500 miles 

Great song from the early nineties…so I used it to inspire a running goal. I’ll run 500 miles in a year, yeah sure seems easy. In a perfect world, that’s only 10 miles per week. That’s a perfect world, and not my life. There are a lot of parallels between financial goals and fitness goals. Break it down into easy steps, increments or in this case miles. So I decided I’d shoot for 10 miles per week, 3/4 runs per week, 3-4 miles per run. 

The thing I love about this is it’s free, I’m not paying for races and a t-shirt, it’s me myself and I. How would I keep track of my miles you ask, my favorite app MAP MY RUN! It logs your miles, keeps you motivated on runs and sometimes they reward you when you join challenges and reach longer distances. Hooray for Under Armour discounts! I love their gear for running and training, so it’s a win-win.

The challenge I joined was for 1,000 kilometers in a year, but I’m not that dedicated, and decided I’d start with 500 miles. There were times I doubted I’d finish, times I loved the miles and they happened easily, weeks (even a whole month) I skipped running altogether and times the Under Armour gifts got me moving. I did NOT GIVE UP! Some runs were only 1.5 miles then I took a walk of shame back home.

I accomplished my goal in the eleventh hour, on December 30th. Like with all goals, fitness or financial, steady steps, even smalls ones can lead to big things! 


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