Wanderlust Fever 

Sometimes I get frustrated in the mundane same old same old work week/weekend rotation. I start getting philosophical and have a gnawing angst to travel, find an adventure or experience something new, scary and invigorating. My typical solution is to travel, book a trip, make a commitment and go!

(Santorini Greece)

I look back at my travel photography and I'm jealous of that person that went on those trips, how can I channel that same feeling into my everyday life? Maybe I can't….and that is the beauty of travel, new adventures and living life to the fullest.


If I  don't make the point to plot out my next adventure, spin the globe and pick a place, set goals of new passport stamps….then what is my meaning of life? One day my meaning of life will hopefully be bigger than myself…in the meantime I'll travel. I'll set the intention of a destination and then book the trip. I always get nervous before booking any trip, like it's a huge decision, but once I've confirmed reservation with NO refund (haha) I feel calmer. I don't know why this is. I just booked a trip to MI to visit family, complete with a rustic cabin and nature. Now I am getting that great feeling of something to look forward to, something beyond the mundane, an adventure to be had. 



So now I have to get a new camera, something my soul has been missing since my former one broke. Travel and photography soothe my soul and help remind me of the emotions in those moments, the energy in each place. The photographic memory concept applies to me in that I can feel the energy in each moment of an important photo, I can take myself to the sounds, weather, smells and emotion taking place at that second. It is the strangest thing, but it connects me better to almost every detail when I'm behind the camera framing the next snap and allowing all of my senses to be fully focused. I wonder if that is everyone, or this is my own insane connection to my photos?!?

Anyhow, time to start camera searching again. I am a Canon girl and most recently LOVED my 40D, now I don't know what new camera body to consider? New used? Any fellow photos have input?


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